Socialized Health Care in America

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Canada and Britain already has this. So what about us? What I am trying to tell you is about socialized health care. Ever since Michael Moore brought up the issue of America needing a socialized medical care system, a lot of negative talks has been heard about it. . As constituents of a democratic nation, the main cry of the American people was: when we trust the plan to socialize health care, do we also entrust our medical choices to politicians?

Another thing that surfced was having an universal health care. Being one of the most progressive and advanced countries around the globe we have been providing others with the most up-to-date medical equipment. A lot of patients with “special medical cases” had to be transported to certain parts of America just to get treatment. The richer ones are airlifted. But if we already have a socialized medical care system, these people won’t be able to be treated.

Some states however such as New York have something similar to a socialized care system. The Healthy NY program is very close to this. The program Healthy NY is very similar to it. This program was born from the Health Care Reform Act of 2000. It aims to provide a comprehensive health insurance plan to New York citizens who need it most. Feedbacks from about a third of the benefited individuals of this health care program proved positive with regards to the cost and about 27 percent were satisfied with the choice of providers and/or networks. But when asked about what improvements they want to see from theprogram, fourty-five percent said that they want to see more benefits. Thirty-seven percent said the rates were too expensive.

It was stated that everyone has the right to be provided with his/her medical needs just as everyone has the right to food, shelter, and clothing. Hospitals are not in the power to turn down a patient in need – that is whether the patient is uninsured or not. But no one should abuse this kind of free service because other people will have to pay for it. It is true that we all pay for those who have no insurance. The costs incurred by the uninsured will be divided among the citizens. One big benefit for having Healthy NY is that it was able to reduce the number of the state’s uninsured.

You cannot expect a perfect health care system in America or in any other country. However, the nation must be able to voice out the demands of the majority.Do you think America is ready for socialized health care?

Some states however such as New York have something similar to a socialized care system. Healthy NY is the closest one we have to a socialized health care plans in New York .

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Socialized Health Care in America

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This article was published on 2010/12/17