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Home health care nurse plays a very important role in any area of medical community. The aging population in United States is increasing year by year. As with aging body degenerates, people find themselves helpless and need someone to care for them. As youth can not find enough time to care for their parents, so they are always ready to hire someone to care for them. These old aged people like to stay at home rather then being admitted in the hospital. Home health care nurse serve people with everything they might get in the hospital. Home health care nurse provides personal medical care to patient and it is less expensive then hospital care.

Some people are discharged from hospitals but they still need proper nursing and care at home also. So they look for people like Home health care nurse to recover from illness. Home health Care Nurse is specialized in wide range of treatments and emotional support.

Home health care nurse are specialized in caring for disabled children, which require additional care and patience. These nurses have to understand the communication skills and needs of the family. They should have good power of critical thinking and documentation. They should have advanced levels of skill as they have to handle the patient independently without a physician. They should have a good knowledge of all the principles of nursing and pharmacology.

For becoming a Home Health Care Nurse one should be a Registered nurse that is he should hold an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in nursing. After which one can plan for a Masters or Doctorate degree in Nursing. But for legally practicing as a Home Health Care Nurse in United States, one has to qualify NCLEX exam to achieve a license. Some Home Health Care Nurse requires an individual to have some prior working experience in any medical facility and some require to be certified in American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Home health care nurse serves a patient with every care they need in the comfort of their own home. This environment can be beneficial in recovery of the patient, as he feels at home with his family members and friends. That is why many of the people rush to home as; they don’t need to pay the long bills of the hospitals. Many of the patients which don’t need surgery, Physicians advice them to rest at home with a Home Health Care Nurse. Many health care professional visit homes also to prescribe medications see changes and administer ongoing care.

Home Health Care Nurse Serves patients who need daily care at home, instead of long term care facilities. It includes not only elderly people but people from all age group. Home health Care Nurse has to travel to different places during their job. They help patients in day to day activities like bathing, feeding and personal hygiene and they are also responsible for administering medicines and checking vital signs of patient. Home Health Care Nurse educates patient and his family members regarding wellness.

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Home Health Care Nurse

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This article was published on 2011/10/18