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And 8 th China International Health Products Expo and Health Programme (medicine & health care section) will be held in June and September

"Health is the basis for comprehensive development of man, bearing on the well-being."

Just past 2007 can be said to harvest, the fight against counterfeit and inferior products, support the credibility of enterprises and clean up the market environment and other special activities have reflected on the significance of health care products integrity and value. Then, in 2008, for the closely related with the national health care industry, we look forward to what is it? Maybe in June and September of this year were held in Qingdao and Guangzhou The 5th China International Exhibition natural medicine health products (medicine & health care will be) and the 8th China International Health Products Expo and Health Programme (medicine & health care section) will be opened answers.

Integrity and create a harmonious Recent years, China's health care products market is in a "sub-health" status, the main reason is the industry's credit crisis is still not resolved, the development of health industry credibility to become a "bottleneck." Health care products industry crisis has led to declining corporate performance, the traditional marketing model has been the impact of direct marketing is difficult to "straw." Meanwhile, the company presented in the scale pyramid structure, the majority of small and medium enterprises, industry concentration is low, industry competition disorder.

How to change the status of health industry? How to get rid of the crisis of confidence? How to promote their own brands, will enlarge and strengthen the SMEs? How to change the traditional marketing model health care products, new product sales model? This series of difficult issues to face, the leader in the realm of health, with many flagship brands show Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions Co., Ltd. resolutely transition options, in National Drug Fair and the National Commodities Fair to extract new drugs health care products, traditional Chinese medicine section, and combine natural herbs Pieces China International Exhibition of natural resources, create a new 5th China International Exhibition of Natural Medicines Health Products (the "medicine & health care will").

At the same time, in September 2007 with China, Reed Sinopharm representative within the health industry, regulatory authorities?? China Health Care Association signed an agreement, a formal operation has been successfully achieved the 7th best in the domestic industry authority of the China International Expo and health care products section (hereinafter referred to as "medicine & health care section") Games.

5th medicine & health care which will be held June 5 to 7 at the Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Centre, a total of 500 standard booths, over 300 exhibitors on display covering the health food, health supplies, health-care equipment, medicine and other four major categories of products and related fields. Medicine & health care market will be explored after nearly five years, have been widely recognized by the market and the general production and business enterprises as well as distributors, agents active participation of visitors each year and more than 30,000 spectators. Reed Sinopharm co-sponsored with the Health Care Association, medicine & health care section of the 8th will be 22 to 24 September in Guangzhou Jin Han Exhibition Centre, is expected to more than 20,000 square meters exhibition space, nearly 600 exhibiting companies end their exhibition the number of visitors is expected to exceed 5 million.

Medicine & health care will, medicine & health care section will never beat the market standardization flag of Reed Sinopharm mode of operation of specialized exhibition for exhibitors to provide a formal, warm, comfortable exchange trading platform, was home to a new feelings, and by constantly improving its services and strengthening the concept of development of personnel qualifications and assessment exhibitors to purifying exhibition environment to promote small environment exhibition market environment, the full shape the image of a harmonious integrity of the industry.

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Health Care Products Market "sub

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This article was published on 2010/09/23