3 Popular Jobs for Doctors After Retirement

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Retirement is generally the time to relax and have a peaceful lifestyle. But there are many people who wish to spend time being involved in their profession even after retirement. Being a doctor, if you wish to earn money after retirement, you need not worry, as there are plenty of jobs available for you. Let us discuss about the top 3 job opportunities for retired doctors.

Health Care Administrator

Retired doctors very well know how to run a health care facility smoothly and that is the reason they often look into jobs in hospitals as healthcare administrators. In fact, health care administration jobs are in high demand these days. Being a healthcare administrator, they mainly need to manage the facility, oversee the staffs, develop rules and regulations of the facility, manage finance, deal with human resource issues etc. Moreover, since they have clinical experience and know how to deliver medicines, becoming health care administrators doesn’t become a difficult task for them. However, most of the retired physicians know how to run medical facilities but not all retired physicians can become administrators. They need to have the special skills of managing a facility apart from having health care experience.


One of the most popular jobs for doctors after retirement is the job of a consultant. As a consultant, the physicians can go beyond medicines and help plan new facilities as well. Many companies that manufacture medical devices require medical consultants to take their suggestions on liability and product issues. Even law firms, government organizations such as Social Security Administration need medical consultants. So, you can have a very good time being a consultant and helping people with different issues on hospital management and medicines.


You may often see misinformation and mistakes about medicine flouting around in publications. If you have writing skills and proper grammatical sense, you can start publishing your own articles in these publications to give people the correct information. It is in fact one of the perfect jobs for doctors who prefer staying at their home after retirement but want to make extra money. Many websites offer retired physicians to write articles online as a freelance work. But for all these to be done, you need to have some basic computer skills as a retired doctor. If you have passion for writing, you can also choose to write medical suspense novels. But for that, you need to find a publisher.

So, if you are a retired doctor and looking for jobs for doctors in India, there are plenty of career options for you. All you need to do is submit your resume in the medical job board sites and you will get connected to a number of healthcare jobs in your domain.

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3 Popular Jobs for Doctors After Retirement

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This article was published on 2013/06/01